Immortal Flame

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Crown of Blood - Book One


What if you were eighteen and you felt so different to everyone else you couldn't interact with them.

Imagine you had cravings for something you know you shouldn't have. Cravings that were becoming unbearable. And you feared you would lose control.


I am that girl.


It is Halloween and tonight something begins which changes my whole life forever. Events spiral, reaching a climax, and I find out who I really am.


I discover vampires are real... and that I am one of their kind.

A royal.

And everything I thought I knew, was a lie. 

A vampire romance and young/new adult coming of age novel.

Model Vampire - Book Two


Severina was never much loved by the Calliani household and that suited her just fine, because secretly she was no soft-as-butter Calliani…but a proud tough-as-nails Ristorian!


Lord Raffael’s death at the hands of her enemy leaves her with a deep sense of grievance and a bad taste in her mouth. But revenge will have to wait until she finds the strength, a plan, and the time is right.


Cast adrift, her guiding darkness gone, she has a journey ahead, choices to make, a new purpose to find, and a new life to build. Domination of the modeling world and a new love are on the horizon, but simmering underneath it all there’s still uncertainty in her mind.


Are fame and fortune, with Saba at her side, what she really wants and needs? When will she be able to avenge her Lord? As time passes, it feels as if Saba is not on the same page as Severina.

Will he ever be?

In the middle of the confusion, there's Michello...

The old doorkeeper is rejuvenated on her blood, and what a distraction he turns out to be... 

Follow Severina's quest for truth, for love, for self discovery and vengeance in Model Vampire.

C O M I N G   S O O N ....